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Go Solar

Are you ready to do the best investment for you and your family? Do you want to be part of having the cleanest energy out there? Are you ready to save money instantly and let the Government pay up to 30% of your whole system? Go Solar in The Sun City can make that happen for you, solar panels are the way to go! Going solar in El Paso is the best way to go, not to mention its $0 down to get you qualified and started.

The company Go Solar in the Sun City is the most preferred by residents, perfect for solar power production. Not to mention it also reduces the environmental impact by producing clean energy. El Paso, Texas has become a very popular state for solar. Why? Because it’s providing options for homeowners to completely eliminate their increasing electric bill. Furthermore, there are great financial incentives such as the government to help pay and get your solar panels!

These incentives include:

  • No Increase in Property Tax
  • Increase in Property Value
  • Federal Solar Tax Credit
  • Net Metering

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Tax Credits for Go Solar Panels

When it comes to our advice and company, we’re proud to say we’re unique. We offer something a lot more special than any other company.

Go Solar in the Sun City’s main focus is to educate homeowners on the benefits and the value of having solar in their home. All residents are eligible for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. Meaning the government will pay up to 30% of a homeowners full solar panel system. Unfortunately not all homeowners qualify to Go Solar in El Paso. We always make sure homeowners and their homes qualify for the purpose that we give the best of services to our customers. We walk you step by step and work on a one on one basis with each homeowner. Solar panels El Paso is the newest and best technology out there, and it’s here to stay! Read more about the Solar Tax Credit.

Anyone who installs a solar panel system that they own receives a tax credit. This tax credit is for 30% of the overall cost of the solar panel system. Any tax credit not used will also be rolled over to the next year!

Furthermore, this credit is available to both homeowners and business owners. So call us today to take advantage of the federal tax credit, which will be ending at the end of this year 2019! Don’t miss it take advantage of it!

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Go Solar Panels Property Tax Exemption

While some states make you pay an increase in property taxes, Texas does not. As a result you will see you property value appreciate because of your solar panel system without the burden of increased property taxes. Installing a rooftop solar panel system in El Paso Tx can also increase your home value by up to 17 times your annual electricity bill!

Solar Rights Laws for Going Solar

In El Paso, home-owners association cannot prevent people from buying solar panels for their homes. Other states HOA’s can decide where you need to place your panels, what type you can get, or if you can even convert to solar panels! With go solar, you don’t have to worry about that. You can buy and have solar panels installed without worrying about the HOA.

Lowering Your Electric Bill With Our Net Metering Program

A variety of utility companies with solar customers offer net metering while Texas does not have a state-wide net metering law. When your solar panel system is connected to the El Paso Electric grid, you can receive credit for any excess energy not used that were produced by your solar panels. This helps lower your monthly electric bill all while increasing your savings. Go Solar will work with the El Paso Electric company to meet all requirements and steps for net metering.

Go Solar offers net metering program for customers with solar panels in El Paso, Tx.

Go Solar Electric Company Net Metering

 Utility Company Buyback Program kW Limits
Go solar Electric $0.02 cents per kWh credit for every kilowatt-hour produced by solar panel system. Once credit has reached $50, a check will be issued to you. To be eligible, your solar panel system output cannot exceed your power consumption from the previous year.

Go Solar Panel Specialists

Go Solar is a trusted solar company. Since formed in 2012, we are certified and do solar installations in Texas, California, Colorado, and New Mexico. Since Go Solar has over 6,000 successful installations of happy customers in these four states, you can expect great customer service. Built on a solid reputation, Go Solar installs quality solar panels by expert installers and is an excellent solar company in El Paso, Tx. We offer an unquestionable warranty you can rely on.

25 Years Guarantee and Warranty in:

  • Solar Power Production Guarantee
  • Labor Warranty
  • Micro inverter Guarantee

Lastly, Go Solar gives a free home energy audit to help you save more money and electricity with a clean renewable source of energy, solar. A whole house energy efficiency upgrade may be offered with your solar panels in El Paso.

We operate in Texas, New Mexico, California, Colorado and expanding in many other locations around the US.

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